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Lemont Triangle Pose

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Warrior 1


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Rose Yoga Therapy

Take the road to fitness and wellness, 60 minutes just for you.Achieve strength, flexibility as well as toning through yoga postures, with prana breathing.  In this class you will begin with yoga asanas or postures, and end with restorative yoga postures.

 Currently teaching at Lemont Park District

Body Flex Yoga  Mon/Wed 6:45 pm to 7:45 pm


16028 127th Street, Lemont, IL 60439
When you pull into the park off 127th Street, go to the building in the back. Upon entering the main doors of the Core, go left to the Kensington Room. Sign in with Rose.
Body Flex Yoga (Ages 16 +)

Location: CORE Kensington Room

DAYS / DATES M & W        TIME 6:45P-7:45P

Some yoga poses taste a little bit sweeter than others. And if yoga were a smorgasbord, restorative postures would most definitely be at the dessert table. These soothing and well-supported poses offer us the opportunity to linger quietly for a few moments and savor the simple sweetness of life. In an ideal world, every asana would feel restorative. But those that fall into the special category of restorative poses have a particular ability to leave us nourished and well rested. Mildly heated room. Guided Meditation and Chakra balancing. All levels welcome!

~a group text will go out to current students. 

Please call 630-226-5660  or 630-518-7900 for information ~

Class Schedule: Romeoville:

Saturday:  9:30am-10:30am

Chair Yoga & Hatha Yoga
A gentle style of yoga you can do from a (mostly) seated position that also incorporates the breathing and mind-body benefits of a traditional class.

No experience needed.

What's the difference you ask? Both are for all Levels. Chair Yoga can be done at work, waiting or whenever you need/want/have to stretch. It is for all levels. Hatha Yoga is a practice where we do asanas (poses) standing or on the ground. Although it is good to be able to get on the floor and back up, modifications can be made to accommodate all levels. What does that mean? Mats, blocks, and straps are used in both with only a chair added to the first class

There is a small supply available in the yoga studio on first come, first serve basis.

Normal Protocol for all yoga classes:

Its best to arrive 15 minutes before class starts to punch in and find a spot.

Loose comfortable clothes, refrain from eating one - two  hours before class:

Call 630-226-5660 or 630-518-7900  for details and registration.
Mats, blocks, and straps are used in both with only a chair added to the first class.
Hydration is critical, so drink plenty of water after class.
Avoid heavy meals 2 hrs before and one hour after. Stay hydrated for the next 3-4 days.Looking forward to those already registered and new friends.
 Rose & Christine

Walk-in Prices: Romeoville only!

$7.00 per class for existing patients (with-in 5 months)

$10.00 per class (for walk-ins)

*Seniors $5.00  (65+)

(Packages available)

1280 Windham Parkway, Romeoville IL 60446

                                     (prices and times subject to change)

Yoga Bracelets for Sale: GemMagic on Facebook


New Yoga Bags For Sale: $30.00

Made by the young women of Marta y Maria, a girls school in Guatemala, they learn to establish an income and financial independence, which allows these young women to have a voice and vote in their society. The bags are made from sturdy loomed fabric: beautiful colors.  All proceeds go back to the girls.  To learn more about Milagros visit clare@milagrosgirls.org.