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The 6 Secret Foods You Need To Eat

In this special report, I’m going to reveal some secrets to losing weight, and some foods you should be eating so you never have to worry about putting the weight back on…after you’ve lost it.

The 6 Secret Foods You Need To Eat… To Help You Lose Weight, Look Good, And Feel Good.
(Plus 3 Special Weight Loss Enhancers.)
These Are The Hidden Secrets That Less Than 1% Of The People In The United States Know About When It Comes To Dropping Weight And Keeping It Off


Have you ever wondered, “What is the secret to weight loss? How can I get my tummy bulge taken care of so I’m not so fat?”
There are a lot of people like that.
I’m not sure you’re one of them, but you might know someone like that.
Well that’s what this short report is all about.
Giving those people a chance to finally figure out what they need to do to.


1. lose the weight and 2. to keep it off without starving themselves.

These foods I’m about to share with you are some of the most important SECRETS to weight loss, even though you’ve probably never heard of any of those products or the foods that I’m going to reveal to you today. This is not a complete list of everything but they are what I call... key components to dropping
some weight and then keeping it off.
Weight loss is something I’ve studied, and there are a lot of options on the market today, but only a few of them work. And when I say work, I mean REALLY WORK.


3.Start Finish
As you know, I help you with everything, from start to finish, and I love doing that, but the secrets I’m about to reveal to you will change the way you think about losing weight and inches, to even sustaining a life long weight loss program that isn’t hard to do.

Now here’s a question a lot of weight loss patients ask me. “Do I have to see you forever if I want to maintain my weight Doc?”
The answer to that is simple. “No! You do not.”
I’m going to train you to increase your metabolism and still eat. In fact I can show you how you can eat every three hours in small meals and never be hungry.

Here’s an example.
I call it, “More Nuts, Less Gut.”
Research from Spain shows that adding nuts to a diet that’s already rich in healthy fats MULTIPLIES its slimming effects.
People who added a half cup of walnuts, six almonds, and five hazelnuts a day to their diet lost 2 inches of belly fat in a year.
I know 365 days is a long time, but think about it. If you don’t do the “More Nuts, Less Gut”, you’re going to potentially lessen the effect of a good diet.


Here’s another question a lot of weight loss patients ask weekly. “Do I have to exercise every day for the rest of my life to maintain my weight?”
“No. Absolutely NOT! Now I’m not saying exercise isn’t good, and something that will help you maintain weight loss, but if you’re exercising and eating CRAP, you’re not going to get the best results.”


Now granted, it’s good for your health and you NEED to exercise because it’s good for your heart, just let me say this once.
You don’t have to exercise.
But. I strongly recommend it, just to keep healthy, but again... it’s not required for you to lose weight.
Let me make this point clear as well.
Everything you’re about to learn in this first short report about the seven foods that will help you lose weight will give you the background you need to make your life... more fulfilling, more fun, more enjoyable and easier to maintain your weight loss.


Sound good?
Here’s something that should get you excited. If you can lose some weight, (not necessarily a ton of weight), you’re going to feel differently, you’re going to look differently and you’re going to move differently.
Just those three things are entirely worth your effort if you’re ready to look better than you have in years.


I had this uncle and he was about 63 years old. I can’t remember how old he was exactly, but the man really looked good. He didn’t eat the best, but he wasn’t always at McDonald’s either. Then one day he got sick.

Really sick.
He didn’t believe in going to medical doctors so he just hung out with me, had me send him for some blood work, then I was supposed to tell him what was
wrong with him.
I didn’t know for sure, but I knew one thing. Based on his blood work he was having issues with his LIVER.
He couldn’t eat, he couldn’t drink anything other than water, and he could barely get up to get dressed, he was so weak.  Well fast forward 90 days.
He dropped 39 pounds, was the slimmest he’d been since high school, and he was back to normal. I remember asking him how it felt, and all he could say
way, “I’m almost perfect. Everything just feels right.”
And it was I’m sure.
He’s still alive today and living the good life.
He’s put a little weight back on, but that’s entirely because of one thing and one thing only. He won’t stop eating a little junk food just before he dozes
off every night.
Here’s the FACTS: Every single day, you will see countless products promising magical weight loss without any effort on your part.
But such is the paranoia of being obese, and... millions of people fall for those shams.
I don’t know. I guess they WANT to believe the sham works, when in reality, it usually never works.

And get this. There’s only one way to lose weight –eat right.
However, there are certain foods/herbs/home remedies for weight loss you should add to your diet.
I wasn’t a big fan at first, but after I researched everything I do know they work.


Disclaimer: These home remedies for weight loss won’t help you magically lose weight. It’ll just help make your efforts MORE effective - so you don’t go back to
what you were doing before.
Here’s the foods I want you to eat and concentrate on while you’re losing weight and then when you’re trying to maintain your weight.


Flaxseed (alsi) Called alsi in Hindi, the seed comes out with an outer coating which makes you feel fuller than normal and hence curbs your tendency to eat.
It’s also a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids which is good for your heart.
Simply crush flaxseeds and add to foods like soups, cereals, oats, chappati and since they’re naturally bland, they won’t change the taste of your dish.


Green Tea
Green tea has gained immense popularity as tool to facilitate weight loss and millions are switching from coffee to green tea because of its high antioxidant capacity.
Research also suggests that it boosts metabolism, burns fat which makes it a perfect drink for people who want to lose weight.  Also, it’s not supposed to be drunk with milk or sugar which reduces the calorie intake.


The herb that makes things ‘Christmassy’, helps activate insulin receptors and enzyme systems involved in carbohydrate metabolism.
This helps regulate your blood sugar levels, increase metabolism and reduce bad cholesterol from the body.
You can simply “sprinkle” some on your breakfast cereals, coffee or tea for that added flavor!


Black Pepper
Hot things usually help you lose weight and black pepper is no different.
The piperine in it acts as a digestive while it also helps prevent the formation of fat.
Also, spicy food items tend to make people more active --- which will help with the weight loss.
The best thing is that pepper can be added to almost anything you’re eating from salads to meats.


Recently studies have shown the immense health benefits of turmeric and scientists are even researching methods to see if it can be used to fight cancer so it’s no wonder that it helps in weight loss as well.
Studies have shown that it helps metabolize fat and also reduces the risk of developing diabetes.
The great thing about turmeric is that it’s already part of our eating habits and can be added to veggies, rice, etc.

Another herb which can help because of its digestive properties is ginger which is thermogenic.
This basically means that it helps raise the body’s temperature by “burning fat” -- which makes it perfect for people looking to lose weight.
Researchers also found that it has a satiating effect which means you tend to eat less and this further helps your weight loss cause.
Ginger can be eaten either by powdering and mixing with rice dishes or veggies or by mixing a tablespoon of it with water.


Whatever you do, don’t wait. Get started today. Oh yeah if you want the three weight loss enhancers that are pictured on the first page, just tell the front desk that you’d like to make sure you stay on those after you reach your desired weight. Weight loss is something that you need to work on regularly and these are the best weight loss enhancers on Planet Earth in my opinion.

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