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15 years ago, my daughter convinced me to participate in a class, which would be good for me. I only went to spend time with my daughter. I've always exercised but was a non-believer in Yoga or so I thought. The first night as we stretched, Rose Miller, the instructor, patiently eased me into stretching while I grumbled and moaned. I reluctantly came back for each class, but soon discovered that Yoga with Rose was changing my life.

That was then and this is now. I am in my 60's and since that first class over 15 years ago my life has changed for the better and forever. I have continually participated in her classes. I constantly encourage others to participate recognizing the positive impact that her Yoga instruction has had on my life. Because of the instruction from Rose, I have evolved from a non-believer to a resolute believer in the significance of participation in Yoga exercise in our daily lives. My day begins and ends with Yoga thanks to Rose.

To be specific, when I started her class I was in my early 40's and obese. I could not touch my toes to tie my shoes, experienced limited mobility in most activities and hurt most of the time. With Rose's patient guidance, I became flexible and pain free. I learned through her classes how to care for my body and develop a daily plan for stretching at home in addition to her classes. Rose, without comment, modified my activities and when I lost 150 pounds, she encouraged me to take advantage of my body changes and further challenge myself.

Because Rose's guidance in her Yoga instruction, I remain very flexible and active in my retirement years. I have learned through her expert guidance to be aware of the signals from my body. Over the years, when I have traveled, I have tried different yoga classes throughout the United States, on cruise ships and in resorts. I came away from those experiences realizing that I am truly blessed to have such a gifted and caring instructor who expertise extends beyond any other yoga expert whom I have encountered in over 15 year.

Barbara Hodgson