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My family & I are long time patients of Dr. Miller. My 2 children (now young adults), my husband, myself, and my mother, have all benefited from the care and knowledge of Dr. Miller. And whether it's been treatment for an injury, ailment, joint pain, or just maintenance for general overall health, we've all seen and felt the results of Dr. Miller's chiropractic services.

   Another benefit of Rose Fitness & Wellness, is Rose herself. The varied massage treatments offered by Rose are not only therapeutic but they also work in conjunction with Dr. Miller's care in the aid of healing.
  Both Rose & Dr. Miller continually expand their knowledge in their fields to do all they can to ensure their patients a healthy and pain-free life. Their genuine care & concern for our well-being has endeared them to my family.
Thanks for everything you two!

Amie Johnson & clan

God Bless you Rose,

I wear the Tens all day and I feel like a new person. Ross and I went shopping today and I didn't have to use the electric cart. I was able to walk in all the stores without pain. Oh God Bless  Dr.Virgil to. Give him a big kiss for me.  I haven't used the walker either. I feel like I have been free from prison. I will see you Friday and you will see the difference. Thank you again.

Love and Light

Mary Stewart